Background Checks

Mandatory PA Clearances - New Tracking Process

Updated Thursday September 7, 2017 by Nigel Blower.

As you may know, as an organization we have to comply with PA laws on background checks for all volunteers working with children. Every coach and assistant has to run through a police and child abuse check every 5 years. As an organization we have to maintain those clearances indefinitely in case we ever need to produce them in a legal action.

Our challenge has been to maintain these clearances securely and in a way that we can easily check who is cleared and who is not. I am pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with to help us do this with minimal overhead for all of us. This is what it means to you:

  • Please go to the site and click on the 'Start Your Background Check' button
  • Use the code 'chelt' to associate your account with Cheltenham Sports and enter your personal information
  • If you have run a police and child abuse check in the past 4 years and you have the files to hand, please upload them into your account
  • If you have run the checks and don't have them to hand because you already submitted them to the club previously on paper, please email me and i will get them uploaded on your behalf
  • If you have not run the checks within the past 4 years, please do so immediately from within The process is straightforward and will automatically link your clearance to your account.

Once you load your clearances, we will be able to see the clearance easily and it can be accessed when needed. You will also be triggered to update the checks at the end of the 5 year cycle.

This is a critical process for us as an organization - please make it a priority over the next few days to enter your information for tracking.

If you have any problems you can email me directly at or email or call them at 877-643-0047.

thanks in advance for your help