Travel Soccer Program

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Cheltenham Sports Travel Soccer Program

You do not have to be an expert soccer player to join our travel program.  Each coach registers his or her team for the skill division that best matches the team’s level of play.  If you are curious, come on out and see what fun Cheltenham Travel Soccer provides, or email us at!

First off, Travel Soccer does not require a lot of travel!  It just means that all your games are not played at your home field.  Our teams do not travel out of state for games or tournaments and the majority of away games are within a 30-minute commute. 

Travel soccer is a soccer program that provides a deeper developmental experience for players.  It provides the opportunity to be part of a set team, play other clubs and is a pathway to grow into the 11v11 game when they get older. 

While it is a bigger commitment than our Intramural program, and other club's recreational leagues, parents and coaches pull together to help make it manageable.  The team does not stop at the players :)

What to Expect

  • Participation in the ICSL Fall League that runs from September to the first week or two of November.  This is a 10 game league.  In addition to this, most teams participate in the Rock Spring League, a seven game spring league.  Optionally, the coaches might participate in a winter league as well. 
  • We believe in the benefits of multi-sport athletes/kids.  While Fall is required, if your child participates in another sport during Winter or Spring then those games/practices should take precedence during those seasons.  Just work with your coach to let them know.
  • Practice with your team up to twice a week in the Fall and once a week in the Spring. 
  • Travel to away games and tournaments.  Most teams participate in one, maybe two, tournaments a given year.  Most away games are within a 30-40 minute drive of Cheltenham.  Tournaments may be a little further and typically are an all-day event.
  • Participation in at least one tournament during the season.  Some teams may decide to participate in more than one tournament.
  • Attendance to practices, games and tournaments are mandatory for the Fall Season
  • In addition to the registration fee for Travel, there are additional fees you are responsible for:
    • Uniform – Shorts, Socks, Home and Away Jerseys.  Ballpark around $65 for this.
    • Team Fee – Varies for each team and is managed by the coach or Team Manager.  It may include things like supplimental professional training in the Fall, Rock Spring League fees and any additional tournaments the team may want to do outside off the one covered by the club.  It can also be used for equipment a team needs (like a portable bench) or activities (a team party).


Tryouts are held in the spring and run for two weeks.  They are held during the week in the evening at one of our outdoor fields.  Each team will have two tryout sessions and it is expected that players interested in playing will attend both sessions.  If they do not, or cannot, it’s important to let the coach know.

Coaches typically run tryouts for their team.  For the processes of evaluation and selection, the club also provides observers to oversee each session.  The main role of the observers is to evaluate and rank the players trying out for the team.  If cuts need to be made to make the roster cap, the observers’ assessments are taken into account for those decisions.

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out.  Even if the tryouts go well sometimes it’s not a good fit.  You are entitled to a full refund of your Travel registration fee as long as your player does not accept a position on a team.  However, once you accept a position on a team your travel registration fee becomes non-refundable.  

Got Questions?

Please email us at!