2019 Travel Soccer Tryouts Schedule and Info

UpdatedTuesday April 23, 2019 byBen Craigo.

Tryouts for Fall Travel Soccer will be held from April 22 through May 3.  

2019 Travel Soccer Tryouts Schedule and Information

The schedule and additional information for Travel Soccer tryouts is below. These tryouts are being held to decide the teams that will compete in the 2019/20 travel soccer season.  For general information on what it means to be part of a travel soccer team, you can click here.

You do not have to live in Cheltenham to play on a Cheltenham Sports team.

Got questions about Travel Soccer that you don't see the answers to here?  Email us at TravelSoccer@CheltenhamSports.org


Tryouts will be held Monday through Friday, between April 22 and May 3.  Typically they will be between 6pm and 7:30, though some times might vary a little.  Most teams will have two tryout days, but some older teams may have only one tryout. 

A Note About "Birth Year" and Playing "Up"

Age groups in Travel Soccer are defined by the birth year of the players.  For example, U9G this year is for girls born in the year 2011. Kids are allowed to play "up" which means that for U9G that girls born in 2012 can tryout for the team.   

"Playing up" sounds like kids will be at a disadvantage.  However that's really not the case from our experience.  While we do encourage kids to tryout for the team their birthyear is aligned to, if they want to play up because their friends are there, or they have an affinity for a particular coach, by all means definitely tryout for the team even if it means playing up.

Girl Teams
Team (Birthyear) Coach Field Tryout Dates
U9G (2011) Ben Craigo FF  4/23 and 5/6
U10G (2010) Alton Scruggs FF 4/25 and 4/30
U11G (2009) Eric Wilden FF 4/25 and 5/1
U12G (2008) KC Kushin FF 4/22 and 4/29
U13 (2007) Pat McElroy EP 4/22 and 5/1
U15 (2005) Ben Craigo EP 4/25 and 5/2
Boy Teams
Team (Birthyear) Coach Field Tryout Dates
U9B (2011) Jamie Leary/Comfort Tsikiwa FF 4/24 and 5/1
U10B (2010) Jason Lewis/Paul Vilsmeier FF 4/23 and 4/30
U11B (2009) Andrew Kuhn/Dale Stirzel EP 4/23 and 4/30
U12B (2008) Scott Crocker FF 4/24 and 4/29
U13B (2007) Rafael Nido EP 4/23 and 4/30
U15B (2005) Damon McCain EP 4/26 and 4/29
U17B (2003) Jason Pickering EP Rescheduling
U18B (2003) Robert Greenbaum EP 4/22 (one day only)
U19B (2001) Murray Peet EP 4/24 (one day only)

Field Locations for Tryouts

The address and Google Maps links for both the Elkins Park Middle School (EP) and Fire Field (FF) soccer fields can be found on our field locations page.  

Register Before Your Tryout

Please make sure you register before you tryout. There are a number of reasons why we need players to register:

  • It shows a commitment of wanting to play for Cheltenham
  • Helps us anticipate turnout and manage to that
  • If we need to reschedule the tryout (due to weather, etc.) we have the ability to contact you and give an update
  • Waivers are signed online as part of the registration process and all players need to have a signed waiver prior to participating in tryouts
  • If your child is selected for the team, and have not registered/paid, our volunteer coaches are responsible for making sure your child gets registered and paid.  We'd like our volunteers to focus on the kids and not sending registration reminders.

If you want to register to tryout, BUT something is getting in your way, please contact us at TravelSoccer@CheltenhamSports.org.  We understand that things happen.  Let's work something out.

What if I Didn't Register, Can My Player Still Come to Tryout?

Yes, but please do your best to register.  If you do not, you will need to be prepared to sign a waiver when you arrive before your son or daughter tries out.