Cheltenham Sports COVID-19 Pandemic Response FAQ

UpdatedFriday March 13, 2020 byBen Craigo.

Cheltenham Sports COVID-19 Pandemic Response FAQ

This page was last updated on 3/13/2020 at 2:42 pm.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheltenham Sports is putting ALL club activities on hold for 30 days.  If you missed the statement we sent out to our members regarding our 30-day holding period, you can find it here (link to be created).

This page has more details around the implications, decisions and current updates.  We will work to keep this page updated as we get new information and/or add more answers to questions we are receiving.

Question #1:  How exactly does this 30-day hold impact programs and activities at Cheltenham Sports?

Here are all the specifics, broken down by types of activity as well as program-specific impact.

Board Meetings

  • We will hold these virtually

All Programs

  • All facilities the club has permits for are closed to any and all club activity.
  • Neither the club, any coach or any other volunteer, will organize any club-related activities for our members (players or families).  This includes practices, games, workouts, evaluations, team parties, and the like.
  • If a meeting needs to take place it needs to happen virtually (conference call)

Winter Soccer

  • The potential extension for older players to continue for six more weeks at SoFive has been put on hold for 30 days.

Travel Soccer

  • Any travel soccer team currently playing games in a Winter league must stop playing immediately.
    • SoFive has been notified that Cheltenham Sports will not participate in any of their leagues even if they open up league play prior to April 13th.  We will work to see if we can make those games up
  • There will be no team practices of any kind
  • Those teams registered for the Rock Spring League are not to play games until April 13th
    • Jill Delucia, who runs the Rock Spring League, has been contacted and was completely understanding.  She said she would keep the schedules as-is and they would work with us to make up games missed.
  • Tryouts are beyond the 30 days and not affected (as of right now)
  • Travel coaches meetings are on hold or to be held virtually
  • Monday night futsal is on hold during these 30 days


  • We need to push the start of the program back two weeks till after April 13th.  The length of the program remains unchanged. 
  • Any volunteer/coordinator meetings need to be held virtually

Travel Basketball

  • End of season banquet and activities will need to be postponed until after April 13

Spring Basketball Workouts

  • We need to push the start of the program back two weeks till after April 13th.  The length of the program remains unchanged. 
  • Any volunteer/coordinator meetings need to be held virtually

Spring Into Soccer (all girls program)

  • Unaffected as of now since the planned start date is for 4/29

Question #2:  Are any of the programs expected to be cancelled?

No.  At the same time, information is always changing.  The executive directors and the board will reassess the situation and direction we are getting from the state, county and township in two weeks.  We will send an update then.

Question #3: Why a 30-day ban on activities when the state has mandated 14-days?

While the state of Pennsylvania has issued a 14-day guideline for restricting group activities, Cheltenham Township is cancelling public gatherings for 30 days.  We received this guidance from the township and could not, in good conscience, not do the same.

In addition, while we do not have a crystal ball and we are hoping for the best, we do not feel like things will be back to normal in just 14-days.  Universities are sending students home for the rest of the semester and other organizations are planning for disruptions beyond the next two weeks. 

The health and safety of our membership is our #1 priority.  We just want to be sure.

Question #4: Is there a chance the 30-day hold will be shortened?

While it seems unlikely, that is a possibility.  The executive directors and the board will reassess where things are once we are two weeks into this holding period. 

Question #5: Things still feel iffy…does it make sense to register for Foot/Roller Hockey, Spring Basketball Workouts and Spring Into Soccer or should I just wait?

Really good question!  The short answer is “yes” and this is why.  We are optimistic these 30-days will be enough time for things to stabilize so we can start things up.  That means we’re going to need to know how many players we are going to have so we can get uniforms, have enough coaches and other operational considerations so we can get started as soon as we release the hold.

The “how” you register is a longer answer.  You can register through our site, as usual.  However, for those families who might not want to pay a registration fee under this uncertainty, but still want their child to play if everything goes as planned, we are working on an alternate plan for capturing interest.


We should have an update on that by 3/17.

Question #6: If plans change, either our family’s or the club’s, can I get the registration fee refunded for either Foot/Roller Hockey, Spring Basketball Workouts or Spring Into Soccer?

Absolutely.  While we are not planning to cancel any programs, in the event that did happen we would refund 100% of the registration fee back to every registrant. 

If your family’s situation changes, you can ask for a refund before the season starts and you will get 100% of that registration fee refunded.  No problem.