COVID-19 Phased Return-To-Play Plan

UpdatedSunday August 23, 2020 byBen Craigo.

COVID Safety and Action Plan

In accordance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, our organization Cheltenham Jayvees, AKA Cheltenham Sports, will return to play with the following safety and action plan.

  1. Communication & Education
  • All players and parents will receive communication on our safety and action plan before return to play begins.
  • CDC Education materials (can be found here) will be shared with all participants (coaches, players, and parents) on behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to: hand hygiene, sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when appropriate.
  1. Steps to Reduce the Spread
  • Players must bring their own water bottles and are not permitted to share water with any non-family member.  Players are asked to bring their own soccer ball and equipment.
  • Players will position their equipment 6 feet away from each other at the practice field.
  • During water breaks and coaches’ instruction, players will be instructed to keep 6 feet away from each other and the coaches.
  • Players are not required to wear face coverings while on the soccer field but they will be expected to wear one too and from the soccer field.
  • All coaches and volunteers must wear face coverings during practice. 
  • Nonfamily-related coaches, parents, and spectators should wear face coverings at all times and remain at least 6 feet apart while at any of our soccer fields or facilities.  Parents should refrain from attending practices whenever possible.
  • Please limit carpools with nonfamily members.  If you must carpool, then face coverings must be worn during travel to and from practice.
  • No one who has a fever or does not feel well is allowed at any of our soccer fields or facilities.
  • Every participant or parent/guardian of a participant must digitally sign a COVID-19 waiver as part of our online registration process, following guidance from Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), the organization that provides insurance to our club for soccer participation.
  • Coaches will provide hand sanitizer during practices and games, promoting frequent use, at least before and after practices and games.
  • No snack stand will be open at any of our fields.

Phased reopening plan

  1. Stage 1 (June 29 – July 12)
  • County has gone from Yellow to Green
  • Training permitted within the organization only
  • No body contact, social distance during training
  • No games, scrimmages or league participation permitted
  • Reduced numbers of participants
  • No shared equipment
  • Spectators not permitted, parents can stay in their vehicle
  • Adult coaches must wear masks when with participants
  1. Stage 2 (July 13 – August 2) 
  • County remains Green
  • Body contact is permitted
  • Scrimmages and friendly games with other clubs in same Green county permitted
  • No league participation permitted
  • Spectators permitted with social distance
  • Adult coaches are suggested to wear masks when with participants
  1. Stage 3 (August 3 – August 23)
  • County remains Green
  • Scrimmages and friendly games with other clubs in all Green counties permitted
  • No league participation permitted
  1. Stage 4 (August 23 - Thanksgiving) -- Travel soccer now in Stage 4
  • County continues positive progress in Green
  • League participation is permitted, beginning on Saturday, September 12, 2020
  • Social distance of spectators recommended during league games
  1. Identification of COVID exposure

Parents of participants will notify the board of Cheltenham Jayvees if the participant or someone in the participant’s home is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID.  No one with a fever, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, persistent cough, chills, body aches, and pains can be permitted at the soccer fields or facilities until 72 hours free from symptoms without the use of fever-reducing medicine.  Any participant or participant’s family member who tests positive for COVID would require exclusion from activities and facilities for 10 days from the start of symptoms and 72 hours free from symptoms without the use of fever-reducing medicine to return to team activities and facilities.  Cheltenham Jayvees will notify participants who came in contact with the individual of potential exposure following CDC guidelines.

  1. COVID Point of Contact

For all Cheltenham Jayvees COVID related policy questions and concerns, the individual name below will serve as the point of contact.

Ben Craigo, President