Intramural Soccer - Program Details for 2020

UpdatedWednesday September 30, 2020 byNigel Blower.

The program will start this coming Monday, Sept. 28, with optional evening practices, and continue with games on Saturday, Oct. 3. It will continue on Mondays and Saturdays until Sat., Nov. 14. 
Each participant needs to have their own soccer ball, shin guards, and water bottle in order to practice and play. Cleats are recommended but not required. (Soccer ball size 3 for kids up to age 7, size 4 for 8 through 11, size 5 for 12 and older.)
Monday practices will be at Veterans Field, at Tookany Creek Parkway and Central Avenue, 19012. Saturday games will be at Ogontz Park, at Church Road and High School Road, 19027. Note that parking at Ogontz is limited, so allow time to park and walk to the field. (Schedule at the bottom of the email.)
Everyone who registered or signed up for the waitlist through Sept. 21 has been admitted. If you were on the waitlist and have been admitted, you will need to complete your registration in order to play. 
Safety Measures
The program will be a little different this year as we prioritize safety.
* We will take attendance before every practice and game. This is so we can do contact tracing if a soccer player later tests positive for covid-19.
* If your soccer player, or someone living in your household, tests positive for covid-19, we are counting on you to report it to Ben Craigo, our club president: call or text him at 267-625-7089. We will report the incident to the Montgomery County health authorities and follow their recommendations. They may tell us to cancel the next practices or games.
* Families on the sidelines will need to wear masks and maintain social distance. 
* Players should come to the field and leave the field wearing masks. Masks for players are optional during practice and play, per guidelines from the township. Coaches will wear masks at all times.
* Please don't linger at fields after practices and games. We are building time into the schedule for arrival and department before the next group takes the field. 
* We will not have access to bathroom facilities at fields (to avoid the risk of contagion). Please "go" before you go to the fields!
Practices and games
Practices and games will be conducted to minimize contact with other people as much as possible. Games will be small-sided -- the youngest kids will play 2v2 or 3v3, and older groups will play no more than 5v5. There will be no goalies this season. Smaller games are fun -- kids get plenty of touches on the ball. (This is the way we have played during our winter sessions.)
Kids will be divided into groups for practices and games using pinnies. We will set up fields using cones, allowing distance between each field. 
We can only hold practices and games if there are enough coaches to run them safely. If there are not enough coaches for a given practice or game, we will need to cancel.
If you have not signed up to coach but can help with other aspects of the practices and games, like taking attendance and making sure kids are behaving appropriately, please reply to this email and let us know!
(Coaches -- watch for a separate email shortly, including information about a call at 3 p.m. Saturday.)
Schedule - UPDATED
This may change slightly in future weeks based on how the first practices and games work with our new procedures.
Monday Practices (at Veterans Field)
Youngest group: Under 8 (4-7 years old) -- 5:30-6:20 p.m.
Middle group: 8 to 11 years old -- 6:30-7:20 p.m.
Older group: 12 years and up -- 7:30-8:30 p.m.
Saturday games (at Ogontz Park)
The schedule for our games has changed slightly -- see below. Our cutoff date for intramural age groups is August 31. So kids who turned 6 after August 31, for example, would still be in the youngest age group.
9-9:50 a.m.: Youngest Group -- 4-5 years old (Birthday after 8/31/2014)
10:10-11:10 a.m.: Second Youngest Group -- 6-7 years old (Birthday after 8/31/2012)
11:30-12:30: Middle Group -- 8-11 years old (Birthday after 8/31/2008)
1-2:30 p.m.: Oldest Group -- 12 and older
Final thoughts -- and thanks!
The goal for this program is for kids and community members to have an option to play soccer at a time when many "normal" activities have been cancelled. This is a work in progress, and our program is run by volunteers! Please follow safety rules. Thanks in advance to our volunteers and our families for supporting this community program in difficult times.